Ask customers
for a review

TextReview helps you engage with your customers by letting them review your business. They simply send a text message to your unique number.

Provide an

As soon as the review is submitted, reviewers are rewarded with a free Instant Win Scratch Card sent to their mobile phone.


Listen to what your customers are saying. Find out where you excel and areas to improve. Distribute reviews via social media and to other review sites.

Build on your

Create mobile surveys to help better understand your customers. Reward their answers with additional Instant Win Scratch Cards.

What Clients Say

"TextReview has helped us identify who are loyal customers are and provided feedback on how we can get even better in our service delivery and communications. "

The Unthank Arms Norwich

"Getting feedback for our products was time consuming and difficult. TextReview gathers these like they are on autopilot"

Handsome Manchester

"The response from the TextReview tailored question has helped us build a better and more profitable relationship with our customers. Marvellous "

tier1online Manchester